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Volvo Penta Diesel Motor (Sailboat) – D4-180 – 180ks

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(Hrvatski) Volvo Penta Dizel Motor – 3.7L, 180Ks pogodan za ugradnju u Motomore ovlaštenom servisu.

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The state-of-the-art D4‑180 marine diesel features minimal vibrations, quiet and economical running thanks to a robust block with balance shafts and ladder frame and a low cruising rpm.

A smooth-running engine with excellent low end torque for demanding maneuvers, operated by electronic shift and throttle. Fully electronic world-class diesel performance, clean exhausts and low emissions achieved by common rail fuel injection, double overhead camshafts, and 4 valves per cylinder makes this engine the ideal choice for yacht comfort.

Snaga (KS) 180
Broj Cilindara 4
Kubikaža (ccm) 3700
Okretaji u Minuti (RPM) 2800